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Are the listings free of charge?

Yes, the information listed on our website are given to our visitors entirely free of charge. However, the services of the private investigators are not free and the rates are something you agree upon with your PI without our interference.

Does MyLocalPI offer PI services?

No, MyLocalPI serves solely as a place where you can find contact info of prominent, reliable, and professional private investigators in Janesville and across the nation. Our team has years of experience working in the niche and now dedicates its time scouting for other quality professionals and making it easier for you to reach them.


This is MyLocalPI

MyLocalPI is a directory of professional, licensed, and established private investigation agencies across the US. We assemble lists for each individual area, making it easier for you to find a PI professional near you from the comfort of your home or office.

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Your first time needing a PI?

Many of our visitors come to our website reluctant about what they should do. The fact that you actually need the service of a private investigator can make a person feel uneasy.

For some it’s because you are not sure what their services actually include, and others are not feeling comfortable sharing confidential details with a person they meet for the first time.

As every agency on our website has to go through a meticulous process of selection before actually being added to the listing, you can be at ease that the person you are meeting has already proven to be reliable and trustworthy.

To cut the story short, here are the Janesville private investigators you can contact for the concerns regarding surveillance, background checks, infidelity investigations, and the like.

Milwaukee Private Investigator

Your Janesville Private Investigator

Are you suspecting that you could be a victim of an insurance fraud and you’re based in Janesville, Wisconsin? For issues like this and the similar ones we made sure to assemble a list of private investigators in Janesville that have proved their efficiency and are able to help you find an answer to your question.


                                       “It’s a bubbler not a drinking fountain!”

First things first and why MyLocalPi

No other investigative company has served its clients as faithfully as us. Our experience and connection to Iowa City and the surrounding area means we can provide detailed, court-ready documents ready to be used on your behalf. Answering your questions and proving you the information you need to make smart decisions is our lifeblood. 

Our Services


First to answer some questions about MyLocalPI.

Do I have to sign up?

You most definitely don’t have to sign up or create any kind of account. All you have to do to get to the information about good private investigators in Janesville is to scroll down and take a look at the listings.


As a customer, you deserve equal service and attention regardless of the nature of your problem.

Here at MyLocalPI we have joined our forces and the experience we have gathered over the years to improve your overall experience of encountering PI professionals.


If you have already ended up on this page, you were probably looking for private investigators in Iowa City, and if you scroll up you will find the best private investigator and private investigation agency in the area of Iowa City that have gone through our very detailed and meticulous process of selection.


Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud purposefully upsets the insurance process and its victims can be both individuals and companies. If you have suspicions about a claim, we can quickly and discreetly get to the heart of the matter on your behalf. Don't let others take advantage of your or your company.

Child Custody

As part of a divorce or other custody case, Mylocalpi can provide an objective, unbiased assessment of a child's living situation. We look at all parts of a child's life to evaluate their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing to determine if they are correctly placed.

Background Checks

Protect yourself by knowing who you welcome into your home. Background checks on local businesses and residents allow you to make secure, informed decisions about babysitters, cleaning staff, and home-improvement contractors. We can also provide resume verification for potential new employees.

Surveillance Investigations

When something seems off about a person's actions or the events at a building, it's time to hire an investigator to perform surveillance. Our years in Iowa City allows us to subtly collect information and make observations, completing a comprehensive report to fill in your knowledge gaps.

Infidelity Investigations

In cases where you believe your partner might be having an affair, we recommend an infidelity investigation. Our investigators are subtle in their intelligence gathering, allowing them to remain unseen and discover the truth. In cases where we discover infidelity, our reports can serve as evidence in court.

Asset Search

Make smart financial choices by making sure your partners won't make bad ones. Mylocalpi asset search investigations cover any potential assets a person has as well as their financial health, making our reports an essential tool in making large business decisions.

Missing Person Investigation

If you wish to get in touch with someone you've lost contact with, we can help. Our understanding of Iowa City and the surrounding area means we can quickly identify and locate whom you're searching for and help you reconnect. From prior best friends to estranged relatives, we strive to bring people together after time apart

Other Services

If you find yourself needing an investigation other than the types listed here, contact us to learn our options. Every client's request for information is unique and we often work with businesses and individuals in the area to develop a custom investigative solution.

Elder Abuse Investigations

Make smart financial choices by making sure your partners won't make bad ones. Mylocalpi asset search investigations cover any potential assets a person has as well as their financial health, making our reports an essential tool in making large business decisions.

Our story

Welcome to MyLocalPi.

Glad to see you here!  You have actually stumbled across us and now you can see a list of all the licensed, proven and experienced private investigators in your area. After all, that’s why we’re here! MyLocalPI lists all the relevant agencies across the nation, and you’re welcome to use the info we offer.

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Factors of our questionnaire:

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What Services Can I Expect?

MyLocalPI doesn’t affect the way PI agencies conduct their business, so it’s possible that not all the agencies listed will offer the same set of services. It’s up to you to check with an individual agency or investigator to see whether or not they can help you with your issue.

We also don’t interfere with the agency pricing, meaning that the agreement on the rate entirely depends on you and the agency.

We serve simply as a shortcut to you finding a reliable professional near you.

Where Do I Sign Up?

No signup needed! All of the information available on our website is available to you without any additional steps.

You don’t need to create any accounts, submit passwords or anything similar.

It’s one of the many ways we wanted to ease this entire process for you. We don’t wish to spam you or make you remember another password on your list.

MyLocalPi helped me find the best investigator in my area!
Jim Jones