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My Local Pi is a company based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with one goal in mind; to help find you the best possible private investigator for your investigation. Our company will only put you in contact with a private investigation agency that has passed our thorough screening process.




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Intangible Services

What services are offered? -Each private investigation agency offers different services. Typically the private investigation agency will have a website listed below the agency name. If no website is listed you can contact the agency via e-mail or phone.

Why mylocalpi?

We are the search engine (google) for private investigators. We understand that this might be your first and only time hiring a private investigator. That’s why mylocalpi was created, we do the process of elimination work for you, and make sure the investigation agency is licensed and have a current good status. Our directory is exclusive to the private investigator industry, nothing else therefore we can dedicate all of our time and effort towards providing you with quality investigation agencies..

How to get started?

Step 1: Go to the find mypi tab 


Step 2: Select the state you want to have your investigation conducted.


Step 3: Then select the city – if you don’t know select the closest city or click on the state to get access to a private investigator that operates statewide.