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MyLocalPI has screened and verified the reputation of the private investigator listed above in Appleton, Wisconsin. Don’t worry, the private investigator agency located above has gone through our careful selection process first.


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No other investigative company has served its clients as faithfully as us. Our experience and connection to Appleton and the surrounding area means we can provide detailed, court-ready documents ready to be used on your behalf. Answering your questions and proving you the information you need to make smart decisions is our lifeblood. 


The investigation, whether they concern insurance frauds or possible abuse, should be dealt with as much professionalism as situations where you simply require a background check for a new employee.


If you’re looking for a private investigator in Appleton, we’ll be glad to help you make the right choice. We at MyLocalPI personally curate only the best agencies and investigators in the country and tailor them according to the area you’re located.

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My Local PI serves only as a means to an end: Our website doesn’t offer PI services, but we make sure to provide you with enough details about the PI agencies around you so that you can make your choice and contact the ones that seem fit to help you with your burning issue.

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The goal of our company is to provide you with the listing of only top-notch private investigators in the nation. Our individual lists are created with regards to the location you are based in. All of the agencies mentioned on our website have gone through our careful procedure before being listed.

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As you’ve ended up on this page, we suppose you are looking for a private investigator in Appleton, WI. Then we’ll be glad to tell you that this is just the right page to help you find any information you may need on the topic.


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Are you hiring a PI for the first time?

In case this is the first time you’re hiring a PI, here’s some information that could ease you into the process.

The services offered by PI agencies can vary in detail, but nearly all of them provide a set of basics: Background checks and surveillance. Apart from that, more common services include infidelity and insurance investigations, missing person investigations, and the matters of elderly and child abuse.

We strongly suggest that when you contact the agencies from our list, you check whether the services you require are a part of their domain.


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