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We have an established reputation in Ankeny. As a result, we have access to resources other investigative services may not be able to get in region. All of our clients have praised our work and our comprehensive reports have aided our clients in court. It is our track record of success across various investigation types that make us worth your consideration.


The investigation, whether they concern insurance frauds or possible abuse, should be dealt with as much professionalism as situations where you simply require a background check for a new employee.


As a customer, you deserve equal service and attention regardless of the nature of your problem.

Here at MyLocalPI we have joined our forces and the experience we have gathered over the years to improve your overall experience of encountering PI professionals.


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Insurance Investigations

Fraudulent insurance claims are a heavy financial burden on companies. If you are suspicious about the validity of a claim, we can determine if it's true. Our investigators are professional and can operate discreetly to collect the evidence you need.

Child Custody

Child custody reports focus on the conditions of where a child is, or might be, placed and appraises the location. MyLocalPi evaluates everything that may affect a child's emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing to ensure they are placed correctly.

Background Checks

Reduce your anxiety and take the stress out of working with new people; request a background check and let us evaluate them for you. We can look into new employees, babysitters, cleaning staff, potential business partners, or independent contractors.

Surveillance Investigations

Our extensive knowledge of Ankeny allows us to conduct discreet and legal surveillance on anyone or anyplace. From tracking someone's movements in the area to building an understanding of a location's purpose, we can help answer any question you may have.

Infidelity Investigations

Suspecting your spouse of cheating is a position no one wants to be in. An infidelity investigation can determine if suspicious behavior is the result of an affair or something else entirely. If we do discover unfaithfulness, our report can be used as evidence to support you in and out of the courtroom.

Asset Search

When looking to form a financial partnership with someone, it's best to gain an understanding of their assets and how well they're performing. That way, you have an estimate of how well your partnership might develop. Our asset search can help you evaluate your future partner or partners.

Missing Person Investigation

If you're hoping to reconnect with someone with a link to Ankeny, we can help you do that. Regardless of the span of time between the last time you saw your relative or friend and today, we can follow their trail and discover where they've been, allowing you to rekindle your relationship.

Other Services

We understand that not every situation is easy to understand or identify. If you require an investigation not listed, please contact us and we can develop a solution that fits your unique needs. Every case we approach with care to ensure you get all the answers you need to your questions.

Elder Abuse Investigations

Sadly, the elderly are often a prime target for abusers. While this is often financial abuse, it can be emotional or physical. All of which can be hard to spot. If you suspect someone you care for is suffering, MyLocalPi can compile a detailed report of their status.

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