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MyLocalPI has screened and verified the reputation of the private investigator listed above in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Don’t worry, the private investigator agency located above has gone through our careful selection process first.

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First things first and why MyLocalPi

No other investigative company has served its clients as faithfully as us. Our experience and connection to Green Bay and the surrounding area means we can provide detailed, court-ready documents ready to be used on your behalf. Answering your questions and proving you the information you need to make smart decisions is our lifeblood. 


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Above you will find the best private investigator that have been in greater detail examined and approved by our team.

MyLocalPI team has years of experience in offering the services of private investigation and is now using their knowledge to improve your experience in solving the delicate issues in your life by providing you only with the contact information of top-notch professionals in the field.


The investigation, whether they concern insurance frauds or possible abuse, should be dealt with as much professionalism as situations where you simply require a background check for a new employee.

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If you have already ended up on this page, you were probably looking for private investigators in Green Bay, and if you scroll up you will find the best private investigator and private investigation agency in the area of Green Bay that have gone through our very detailed and meticulous process of selection.


Hiring a pi

We are aware of the fact that hiring a private investigator is not something people are used to or do out of leisure. That’s why we want to make the entire process as painless as possible, and with as little inconvenience as possible.


We assemble individual lists of the top-notch private investigators in every area across the nation. Some questions we ask as part of the process are: Experience, Pricing, Memberships/Associations, Specialties, Previous Experience, Reviews, Affiliations, Services provided, Equipment used, Average hours worked

Best in the business

As you’ve ended up on this page, we assume you are looking for a private investigator in Green Bay, and if you just scroll down you will find the list of all the licensed and trusted private investigators precisely in the area of Green Bay.


MyLocalPI does not determine the price of the services agreed between you and the private investigator of your choice, or does any kind of interfering once you actually contact the private investigator.


The most common services offered by private investigators include infidelity investigations, background checks, insurance frauds, and the investigations regarding child abuse.


However, every agency has their custom policy and it’s advised that you contact them or visit their website to find out more about the particulars.

Missing Person Investigation

If you wish to get in touch with someone you've lost contact with, we can help. Our understanding of Iowa City and the surrounding area means we can quickly identify and locate whom you're searching for and help you reconnect. From prior best friends to estranged relatives, we strive to bring people together after time apart

Other Services

If you find yourself needing an investigation other than the types listed here, contact us to learn our options. Every client's request for information is unique and we often work with businesses and individuals in the area to develop a custom investigative solution.

Elder Abuse Investigations

Make smart financial choices by making sure your partners won't make bad ones. Mylocalpi asset search investigations cover any potential assets a person has as well as their financial health, making our reports an essential tool in making large business decisions.

Our story

Welcome to MyLocalPi.


MyLocalPI exists with one goal: To help you find private investigation professionals in your area with as little hassle as possible. Every private investigation agency listed on our website has gone through a thorough scanning process before actually being mentioned on our website.

- Previous Experience - Reviews - Affiliations

Factors of our questionnaire:

Experience Pricing Memberships/Associations Specialties

Services provided Equipment used Hours worked

What Services Can I Expect?

MyLocalPI doesn’t affect the way PI agencies conduct their business, so it’s possible that not all the agencies listed will offer the same set of services. It’s up to you to check with an individual agency or investigator to see whether or not they can help you with your issue.

We also don’t interfere with the agency pricing, meaning that the agreement on the rate entirely depends on you and the agency.

We serve simply as a shortcut to you finding a reliable professional near you.

Where Do I Sign Up?

No signup needed! All of the information available on our website is available to you without any additional steps.

You don’t need to create any accounts, submit passwords or anything similar.

It’s one of the many ways we wanted to ease this entire process for you. We don’t wish to spam you or make you remember another password on your list.

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